Oswegatchie Valley Amateur Radio Club

St. Lawrence County, New York

Dedicated to promoting ham radio

****     VE TESTING SCHEDULE     ****

Exam Schedule 2016


Edwards, N.Y. Fire Station


The Oswegatchie Valley Amateur Radio Club VE Team will be conducting Exams on the following dates. The second Tuesday every month except July and August at 7:00 pm.


Please notify one of the VE's below if you plan to attend a test session. You need to confirm the elements you plan to take, and we need to confirm that we have the proper VE's present.

The place will be at the Edwards, N.Y. Fire Station at 7:00 PM., unless posted differently on this page.

For more information contact N2EBG - Phil MacIntosh at (315) 848-2076 or WA2NAN - Kerry Bickford at (315) 848-3653.- kerry@northnet.org

 Next Exam is :

January 10th 2017 - Please contact WA2NAN to verify..............\

Sites where you can take practice exams.....







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