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The OVARC Club Repeater is located on Vrooman Ridge in the town of Fine, N.Y. It's elevation is 1480'ASL and offers coverage generally in about a 60 to 70 mile radius of it's location. It is owned, operated, and maintained by the OVARC membership. The frequency is 147.135 MHz. + and a 151.4 pl tone. The weekly Net is operated on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM. local time with everyone welcome to check-in.  There is a morning net 7 days a week called the Rooster Roster at 7:30 am.  We are always making improvements and upgrades to the repeater system and accepting donations to help with the ongoing project.

We now have a Echo Link node connected to the repeater.  You can access it by using node # 823942 or WA2NAN-R.  Anyone who would like to make a donation to help support this repeater, or join OVARC should contact the OVARC Secretary,KB2HPR, kb2hpr@tds.net or the OVARC President WA2NAN

 Kerry's address is:

Kerry Bickford

76 Rte. 27 Ext.

Oswegatchie, NY. 13670

We will soon be adding and experimenting with a DMR (digital mobile radio) 440 repeater system that will give us 100% coverage in St. Lawrence County and world-wide coverage with internet access.  Stay tuned for updates.................

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